Employee Handbook & Safety Policies

Job assignments may be sporadic, intermittent, unpredictable, and irregular. As a result, gaps may occur between assignments. Nevertheless, the employment relationship will not end at the conclusion of any assignment, unless one of us expressly notifies the other of the decision to end the employment relationship or unless you fail to report to LABOR FINDERS within two weeks of the end of an assignment, in which case you will have abandoned your job and voluntarily quit. In the absence of such notice or circumstances, the end of an assignment will not constitute or be considered a discharge, release, resignation, or termination of the employment relationship.

Unless either party terminates the relationship or you abandon the job, we will continue to consider you for suitable work opportunities for which we determine you are qualified. You will not earn wages except when you perform actual work on assignments you are given or when otherwise required by law. While the employment relationship continues, you will be paid in accordance with the regular payday rules governing current employees. You will be paid on regular paydays following the completion of services on any assignment. If you expressly notify us of your decision to quit or if you are terminated or if you abandoned the job, you will be paid your final wages as required by law.

Please understand that voluntarily quitting, including through job abandonment, may disqualify you from receiving unemployment insurance benefits. Your rights to receive unemployment insurance benefits will be determined by applicable state law. (Last Revised 04/29/2013)