Employee Handbook & Safety Policies

You acknowledge that a condition of employment with LABOR FINDERS is that you provide transportation from LABOR FINDERS to the customer's premises or job site. If you are unable to provide transportation to the customer's premise or job site, you may request that LABOR FINDERS arrange such transportation. You acknowledge that such transportation is for your benefit, and without LABOR FINDERS arranging the transportation to the customer's premises or job site, you would not be able to accept the assignment. If LABOR FINDERS or another worker provides transportation for you, or if LABOR FINDERS advances funds to you for your transportation, you hereby request, authorize and direct LABOR FINDERS to deduct the cost of that transportation or the advance from your wages in both overtime and non-overtime weeks, consistent with the requirements of applicable law. Transportation provided by other than LABOR FINDERS, for example by another Worker, is at your "own risk"; the responsibility and liability rest with you.

You will be told where a potential work opportunity is located prior to accepting the work opportunity. You are free to find your own transportation to the customer's work site (whether by walking, bicycling, driving your own car, taking public transportation, or any other method). You agree and authorize LABOR FINDERS to deduct funds from your checks for each way that you use LABOR FINDERS transportation, unless otherwise prohibited by your state law. You agree that, prior to the funds deduction each way for the transportation; you have the right to withdraw the authorization to LABOR FINDERS to deduct the transportation expenses from your checks. To the extent that the various laws regarding deductions differ from state to state, LABOR FINDERS will advise you and will conform this general policy to the particular state law. If you choose to ride to the customer's work site in LABOR FINDERS provided transportation, then you must be at the provided transportation at the time LABOR FINDERS tells you the provided transportation is leaving. If you are not at the provided transportation at the time LABOR FINDERS tells you the provided transportation is leaving, you will be replaced.

While riding with a co-worker or in the LABOR FINDERS provided transportation, no instructions will be given to you, and you are free to do whatever you choose, such as eat, sleep, drink non-alcoholic beverages, talk or read. You agree travel time to and from a customer's work site is not hours worked, and you will not be paid for that time.

On a daily basis, in order to be considered for an assignment, you must sign in on LABOR FINDERS Sign In form. You will only be considered for assignment if you sign this form. (Last Revised 04/29/2013)