Employee Handbook & Safety Policies
Safety Policies & Training

Labor Finder's primary concern is for the safety and welfare of its employees.  To accomplish this goal, guidelines have been established that recognize the responsibility of Labor Finders, our clients, and you, our employee.  Labor Finder's responsibility is to promote a safe and healthy workplace for all of our employees.  Because the Labor Finders client and its on-site supervisor control the workplace, clients must demonstrate a commitment to accident-free workplaces. Only employees who will take the responsibility to work safely and observe Labor Finders and customer safe work practices will be assigned work. Our team approach to accident prevention and safe work practices will help create a working environment that promotes safety, health, and the professionalism that you and our clients have the right to expect.

General Guidelines

Safety rules and safe work practices are designed to protect your safety, but they are only as effective as your willingness to cooperate.  These guidelines are a condition of your continued employment.  Know these guidelines and consider them required elements of your job assignment. Failure to abide by these policies may result in termination of your job assignment or in reduction or complete elimination of any related benefits.

Safety Do's

o    Do know the safe work practices of each job assignment as provided by your client supervisor.

o    Do pay attention to your work and your surroundings.  Avoid horseplay and be alert to moving equipment and all machinery.

Safety Prohibitions

o    Do not use any vehicle for work purposes without written permission from Labor Finders.

o    Do not accept duties that require the handling of money or other valuables without written permission from Labor Finders.

o    Do not use alcohol, illegal drugs, or controlled substances on the job or on the client's premises.  Anyone who violates this policy or who reports to work under the influence of any of these substances will be dismissed from the assignment, and this may result in termination of employment and potentially a loss of benefits.

o    Do not utilize or climb ladders larger taller than 6ft and do not perform any work on scaffolds or roofs. These work activities are strictly prohibited by Labor Finders and are cause for immediate termination unless specifically authorized to do so by a Labor Finders staff member.