Employee Handbook & Safety Policies

The following conduct is prohibited and will not be tolerated. This sample list of prohibited conduct is illustrative only; other types of conduct that threaten security, personal safety, employee welfare and both our and our customers' operations also may be prohibited, consistent with applicable law.

o Falsifying employment records, employment information, or other records;

o Recording the work time of another employee or allowing any other employee to record your work time, or falsifying any time card, either your own or another employee's;

o Theft and deliberate or careless damage or destruction of our property, or the property of any employee or customer;

o Provoking a fight or fighting during working hours or on our property or at a work site;

o Carrying firearms or any other dangerous weapons on our property or at a work site at any time, consistent with the requirements of applicable law;

o Engaging in criminal conduct whether or not related to job performance;

o Insubordination, including but not limited to unreasonable failure or refusal to obey the lawful orders or instructions of a supervisor or member of management, or the use of threatening  language toward a supervisor or member of management;

o Violating any safety, health, or security policy, rule, or procedure;

o Committing a fraudulent act or a breach of trust under any circumstances;

o Violating the Company's Harassment-Free Workplace Policy;

o Violating the Company's Drug-Free Workplace Policy;

o Failure to report back after an assignment;

o Working overtime without authorization or refusing to work assigned overtime.

By providing the above examples of prohibited conduct, the Company in no way restricts its discretion to discipline employees or terminate the employment relationship at will. Unacceptable conduct not specifically listed above nonetheless may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. If you need clarification of a specific issue related to these performance standards, you should seek clarification from your supervisor, the Regional Manager, or the Director of Company Operations. Nothing in this policy should be construed to limit employees' rights under Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act, which allows employees to discuss their wages and other terms and conditions of their employment. (Last Revised 04/29/2013)