Employee Handbook & Safety Policies
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Industrial and construction assignments frequently require the use of personal safety equipment.  When these conditions exist at your job assignment, you will be informed of the type of equipment required and how to use and care for it.  The on-site client supervisor is responsible for job site specific, safety training. The on-site client supervisor will provide the safety equipment with the exception of the items list below that may be provided by Labor Finders in advance. It is your responsibility to use it as instructed without exception.  Failure to wear required safety equipment may result in termination of employment.  Examples of safety equipment issued by Labor Finders that you may be required to wear are as follows:

Hard hats - protection from overhead hazards.

Safety Glasses/Goggles - protection from airborne particles, sparks, and some splashes.

Safety Shoes (to be provided by employee) - protection from objects falling on feet and sharp objects penetrating shoe soles.

Hearing Protection - protection from high-level noise exposure.

Gloves - depending on type of glove, protection from harmful liquids, heat, or surface contact hazards.

Dust Masks - Labor Finders employees are not permitted to do tasks which require respirators. Dust masks or particle masks are permissable and recommended only for nuisance dust exposures.