Employee Handbook & Safety Policies
Machinery and Equipment

o    Always notify your Labor Finders office immediately if you believe the machinery or equipment you are asked to operate is unsafe.

o    Always wear required personal protective equipment.

o    Never operate any equipment or machinery until you have received specific instructions on safe operating procedures, safety devices, and equipment guards from your on-site supervisor.

o    Never attempt to tamper with or bypass any machine safety device or guard.

o    Never operate any machinery that has broken or defective safety devices or guards.  Notify your no-site client supervisor immediately if such a condition exists.

o    Never Assume the power is turned off to any piece of equipment. Your on-site client supervisor will inform you of your restrictions as an affected employee under the customer's Lockout/Tagout Program.

o    Never place any part of your body into the point of operation of any machine.

o    Never attempt to perform maintenance or service on any of the client's equipment.

o    Never wear loose clothing, rings, and jewelry or allow hair to dangle when operating machinery.