Employee Handbook & Safety Policies
Working from Elevations and in Excavation

You will not do any of the following work.  If you are asked or directed to do so, contact your Labor Finders Personnel Coordinator immediately. Also if you are asked to work from a ladder, cherry picker, scaffold, roof, near a trench, ditch or other excavation, contact the Labor Finders office immediately.

o    Labor Finders employees are never permitted to work in or near any trench, ditch, or other excavation that is more than 4 feet deep.

o    Employees are never permitted to work on a roof or scaffold.  You must have the approval of your Labor Finders Personnel Coordinator before you use any type of ladder other than a 6 ft (or smaller) step ladder.

o    Employees are not allowed to work from elevated areas unless that area is protected by full perimeter protection such as walls or complete guardrails.


Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns, contact the Company's local branch office.