Employee Handbook & Safety Policies

We have a goal of maintaining a drug free workplace. The use of alcohol, illegal drugs, or controlled substances, whether on or off the job can detract from an employee's work performance, efficiency, safety, and health. In addition, the use or possession or being under the influence of these substances on the job constitutes a potential danger to the welfare and safety of other employees.

Employees must not report for duty, perform job duties, or enter our property or work site under the influence of illegal drugs, alcohol or controlled substances or with such substances in their possession. Employees are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages while on duty or on our property or at a work site.

The following standards of conduct apply to all employees. Behavior that violates our policy includes:

o Possession or use of an illegal or controlled substance, or being under the influence of an illegal or controlled substance while on the job;

o Driving a customer's vehicle (or a personal vehicle while commuting to and from the job site) while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance; and

o Distribution, sale, or purchase of an illegal or controlled substance while on the job.

This policy does not prohibit employees from the lawful possession and use of prescribed medications and/or over-the-counter drugs.

Employees have the responsibility to consult with their doctors or other licensed health care professionals about the effect of prescribed medications on their ability to perform their specific job duties in a safe manner, and to promptly disclose any work restrictions to their supervisors, the Regional Manager, the Director of Company Operations, or the Director of Risk Management. Employees should not, however, disclose underlying medical conditions, impairments, or disabilities to their supervisors, the Regional Manager, Director of Company Operations, or the Director of Risk Management unless specifically directed to do so by their doctors or other licensed health care professionals.

Employees with drug and/or alcohol problems are encouraged to seek help before they become subject to discipline for violating this or other LABOR FINDERS' policies. We will reasonably accommodate employees with alcohol or drug dependencies to seek treatment and/or rehabilitation to the extent required by applicable law. We are not obligated, however, to continue to employ any person whose performance of essential job duties is impaired because of drug or alcohol use, nor are we obligated to re-employ any person who has participated in treatment and/or rehabilitation if that person's job performance remains impaired as a result of dependency. Additionally, employees who are given the opportunity to seek treatment and/or rehabilitation, but fail to successfully overcome their dependency or problem, will not automatically be given a second opportunity to seek treatment and/or rehabilitation. This policy on treatment and rehabilitation is not intended to affect our treatment of employees who violate this policy. Rather, rehabilitation is an option for an employee who acknowledges a chemical dependency and voluntarily seeks treatment to end that dependency. Employees will not be disciplined because the request assistance. Employees may not, however, escape discipline by requesting assistance after they violate LABOR FINDERS' policies. In addition, employees who request assistance will not be excused from complying with the Company's policies.

Testing Employees

An employee may be asked or required to submit to testing procedures designed to detect the presence of drugs and/or alcohol if (a) he/she is acting in a manner that leads to reasonable suspicion that he/she either possesses, controls or is under the influence of an illegal drug and/or alcohol, (b) was directly or indirectly involved in a work related accident or mishap where there is a reasonable suspicion that the employee involved was under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident or if the accident was a serious one, i.e., results in damages to LABOR FINDERS' or a customer's vehicles, machinery, or equipment, or other property damage in excess of $500 and/or results in injury to a person who requires off-site medical treatment, (c) works in a safety sensitive position, for which random testing would apply, or (d) it is reasonably suspected that he/she has or may have been involved in the use, possession, transfer, distribution, manufacture, and/or sale of illegal drugs or alcohol on our property or at a work site, while on duty, or while operating a vehicle or potentially dangerous equipment while working at a customer's site (or a personal vehicle while commuting to and from the job site). I authorize any medical provider designated by LABOR FINDERS to perform drug testing or consent to an in-house drug screening conducted by a Labor Finder's staff member and further authorize release of said results to any representative of the Company or its' customer or customers' representative as may be deemed necessary.

A request for testing does not necessarily mean or imply that an employee is under the influence of any improper substance or has violated our policy. However, testing may be requested and required when we determine that it is appropriate to promote the interests of this policy and consistent with the requirements of applicable law. Any employee who does not consent to and cooperate with any search and/or drug/alcohol testing procedure is subject to discipline up to and including termination.

By acknowledging receipt of this New Hire Booklet and agreeing to comply with our policy, you are further acknowledging that you have no expectation of privacy at work as to matters subject to drug testing under the guidelines set forth in this policy. You understand that a violation of this policy may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination, and the denial of workers' compensation benefits for a refusal to test, or a positive drug test or alcohol test result. (Last Revised 04/29/2013)